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    Deleted Photo Recovery on Android -

    You have mistakenly deleted some photo very important from your Android smartphone or tablet? Or did you perform a software reset / update without first backing up the photos on your Android device? Recover photos on Android it's not impossible!

    This inconvenience unfortunately happens to more and more people as the Android mobile phone or tablet has become one of the most used devices both for taking pictures and for viewing them comfortably with friends and family.

    If you have deleted any photos, you don't need to worry. In this article we point out the best tools software professional for the deleted photo recovery on android.

    If you own an iPhone instead read this article: How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone

    Among the many software on the market that claim to recover deleted photos from Android devices, we want to point out three in particular that we have successfully tested on our smartphones (Samsung, Huawei, LG and Xiaomi).


    Way 1: Android Photo Recovery with UltData (NO ROOT)

    Most of the data recovery for android requires the enabling of root permissions on the device, permissions that then allow the software to access the internal memory of the device to search for deleted files. The problem with root is that it can invalidate the phone's warranty, and on new Android phones this procedure is very complex (impossible to do in some cases).

    Fortunately, there is a program capable of recovering data from Android devices even without such root permissions. We are talking about UltData per Android, a program available for PC and Mac with powerful data recovery features.

    Step 1: To get started, download and install the program on your Windows PC or Mac. Here are the download links:


    Step 2:  After installation the following main interface will appear:

    Step 3: Connect the Android device to the computer via USB cable. On the device you will be asked to activate the USB DEBUG (from the settings):

    Then on the phone screen press "Allow”To allow the program to access the internal memory.

    Step 4: Choose the data you want to search in the phone memory ("Photo" in our case)

    Step 5: Click on START to start scanning

    Step 6: Once the scan is complete, choose the photos to recover and click on RECOVER to save them on your computer

    The rescue / recovery function is only possible with the purchase of the program license. The license (VALID FOR LIFE) has a cost of € 49 + VAT (Windows version purchase link)


    Way 2. Android photo recovery with dr.Fone (with root permissions)

    The tool that you need to download and install on your computer is called Dr.Fone per Android. This program works with many Android devices, even the most recent such as Samsung Galaxy S21 / S20 / S10 / S9, Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi Redmi, LG, etc ... compatible tablets can be found on this page.

    As you can see, different models and different software versions of Android are supported. In case your Android device is rooted you can also not see the list as it will definitely be supported by dr.fone for Android.

    Here is the link to download this “Android Photo Recovery” on your PC:

    If you have a Mac OS X go to Android Data Recovery for Mac

    Guide: How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android

    Step 1. Connect your Android device to PC and run dr.fone for Android

    Immediately after installing and starting the program you will see a window like this:

    Click on the "data recovery" function and then a new window will open asking you to connect the Android device to the PC via USB:

    Step 2: Enable USB Debugging Mode (Optional)

    An important configuration to do so that the program analyzes the memory of the device in search of recoverable photos, is to activate the "USB Debugging". Here is how to do it, based on the software version of your Android mobile / tablet (disconnect the device from the computer before doing this configuration):

    1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Go to "Settings" <Press "Applications" <Click "Development" <Select "USB debugging"
    2) For Android 3.0 up to 4.1: Go to "Settings" <Press "Developer Options" <Select "USB debugging"
    3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Go to "Settings" <Press "Phone Info" <Select "Version number" repeatedly until "You are in developer mode" <Return to "Settings" <Click "Options" Developer "<Press" USB debugging '

    Step 3: Scan Android memory for deleted photos

    Once you put the device in USB Debugging mode, check your Android screen to confirm the operation and then from the program you will have to select the data to search

    Click on NEXT to start scanning. The scan will take several minutes. Eventually you will be able to preview all photo that are still present in the memory of your Android and are therefore still recoverable thanks to dr.fone:

    Step 4: Deleted Photo Recovery

    Select the photos to recover and then click on "RECOVER”To save them on your computer.

    That's it!

    Way 3. Android Photo Recovery with FoneLab

    If with dr.fone for Android you have not been able to recover lost photos from your Android phone, we recommend that you try the program FoneLab per Android. It is a very simple program to use:

    1. Connect your Android to computer via USB
    2. Enable USB Debugging on your device
    3. Start the scan and choose the data to recover when finished

    For many Android devices (especially older ones) this program allows you to do the recovery too WITHOUT ROOT. The recovery takes place both from the internal memory of the mobile phone / tablet and from the external SD card. For the most recent Android devices, however, this program may not help you much and you will have to rely on the first proposed solution (UltData for Android) if you are looking for a more effective way to recover photos on android.


    For those who cannot root the photo recovery device, we recommend this new software solution:

  • I had a damaged SD card and I took it to the photographer and he said that they cannot be recovered.Meanwhile, most likely he formatted the SD card and now I don't know how to recover travel photos and videos of my children, what could I do?

    • Have a look here:

  • I have a Samsung galaxy Nexus, the device is rooted and I lost some photos by updating the rom I had installed. Can this program make me recover them?

    • Yes, try scanning to see if they are still recoverable

  • valid

  • Hi I'm trying to recover the photos that I deleted by mistake, I followed to the letter everything that the program told me to do, I managed to do the full scan and it found all the files but it does not let me recover them. Isn't there another way? How can I do?

    • To retrieve them and save them on your computer, you need to purchase the software license

      • how much?

  • If you want to recover photos, you have to go to google and search for "deleted photo recovery programs", these programs work, but they are all paid.
    What you have to be careful is that since you delete the photos, you should no longer use the phone, because you are going to rewrite them. You must immediately go and recover them with the program, the more you wait, the less you find. You will find some ruined.

  • Hello or restored my mobile mediacom 500 and I want to recover photos on the mobile phone memory how to do it

  • Now I try…

  • I have a Galaxy Note 3 Neo… With Android 4.4.2… And I lost all the photos… Are the suggested programs compatible with my phone?

    • Yes, it should be compatible.

  • hello ... I have an s3 and I found with dr fone a lot of photos ... but not the camera folder with 700 photos inside that I accidentally deleted. helpiiiiii… .thank you !!!

    • hello is valid but you then solved. I have the exact same problem as you I found a myriad of photos, but not the entire deleted folder

  • I tried, to recover deleted DCIM (SD) photos. I have a Samsung S3Neo, but apparently after several attempts, the result is that I have to UNROOT the device, and I don't trust it.

  • Hi, I'm trying to recover my photos deleted by mistake from the cell by following these steps indicated by you but the process does not go on ... it is scanning the root and I can't get past step 3! I have an android version 4.4.2 but this procedure does not work ... I have followed everything but I can not get to step 4 for the recovery ... helpoooo

    • Same exact problem, I'm desperate.

      S3, disappear ALL the photos taken from the camera. you do.

  • I have cacellate the photos from the gallery of my note 2 is there a way to recover them?

    • Yes… just read the article and download the software as described.

      • hi guys i have an s4 and mistakenly i deleted a folder of some photos can someone help me to try to recover them? i downloaded dr fone but it crashes at the second setp at 85%

  • I've been dedicating time to this for two days. i have a s4 and the same problem as paul. it starts scanning and after reaching 90% it freezes. I tried and tried again. turned off and on the phone, disconnected and reconnected the phone to the computer, but nothing! always freezes at 90%. I just have to recover photos and whatsapp attachments at most and nothing else. what should I do?

    • also tried to give root permissions to the phone?

  • and I'm just recovering the photos

  • s4 I tried twice but it always stops at 90% why ?????????????????????????
    answer thanks

  • Hello, due to a battery defect, Samsung assistance withdrew my cell phone because it was still under warranty without warning that they would have deleted all the files !!! Could I be able to recover at least the photos of the phone memory with dr fone? I have an s3 mini ...

    • You will only know when you scan the memory with dr.fone…. The more time passes, however, the more difficult it becomes to recover the data.

  • Hi, I have a s3 neo by mistake I deleted a folder with photos and videos and I would like to recover them. My phone is not rooted, I tried to use dr fone but it doesn't work. I activate the settings on debug, it connects to the phone, it scans, it restarts it many times, but in the end it says that it is not possible to recover data from this device. The underlying problem is that no program sees my phone as a mass storage. how can i do to solve? Thanks in advance

  • I have a samsung s4 by mistake I deleted some photos from the phone ... I would like to recover it .. I am trying any kind of program to recover them but nothing ... dr phone does not work ... it just doesn't let me open it to tell the truth and I don't understand why! would anyone know how to help me? Thanks in advance

    • In what sense does it not open? Maybe you don't have administrator rights on the PC ...

    • can you help me with registration? I can't register, please help me…. Thank you

      • Registration takes place with the purchase of the full version of the program

  • i have a s4 the program fails to scan my phone, and keeps restarting it in an attempt to find an alternative ..

    • me too!!!! 🙁 Anyone who has a Galaxy S4 has succeeded?

      • The program is compatible with the S4. But remember to enable USB Debugging on your phone.
        - For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Go to “Settings” <"Device Info" <"More" <"Developer Options"

      • IT DOESN'T WORK… at least for the S4

      • It should work… maybe there is something wrong with the phone settings.
        In this article you can find all the suggestions:

  • I can't get to step 3 can someone help me xfavore?

  • good morning
    i have a galaxy s3 neo. with andriod 4.4
    I mistakenly deleted the whole DCIM folder, obviously with 750 very important photos and before I could back them up with dropbox etc.
    the problem using other software as well as recuva, is that the tel is not read to me as a mass unit but only as a camera. Even in developer usb debugging mode.
    how can I do?
    thank you so much

    • Try scanning with drfone… maybe the photos are still present in the internal memory

      • Hi Claudia… I have the same problem with the same phone… I have mistakenly deleted the photos of my trip but I can't ,,, you have solved it ???

      • Try to root the phone by following this simple guide:

      • hello I also have a s3 neo with root permissions but dr fone is not compatible and therefore it stops me at about 50% what can I do?

  • I downloaded it but it tells me that it takes more than 99 hours to recover tt as never

  • I tried it and found it all but it is paid
    isn't there free?

    • Unfortunately it is a paid license shareware software.

  • …………… .I downloaded it and now I try it!

    • Sorry but should this program be downloaded to your PC or samsung?

      • It must be installed on the PC

      • I accidentally deleted S Calc (secret photos) how can I recover? THANK YOU

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