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    Deleted Photos from SD Card? Here's How To Recover Them -

    Le SD memory cards they are widely used storage devices due to their small size and large storage capacity. SD cards can hold several GB of files and can be used to save data from your computer, data from your smartphone / tablet, to save digital camera photos, videos captured with your Action Cam and much more.

    There are different types of SD card, but in general there are three types: SD, SDHC S

    Le SD cards they have a capacity ranging from 128MB to 2GB
    They are based on a file system of format FAT16 and work in all devices that support SD, SDHC or SDXC
    This type of card is the oldest existing but still used today.

    Memory cards SD High Capacity (SDHC ™) are based on the SDA 2.0 specification.
    They have a storage capacity ranging from 4GB to 32GB and are based on a type file system FAT32 (like USB sticks)
    These cards are not compatible with older devices (built before 2008) which only support “standard” SD cards.

    The cards  they are called Extended Capacity cards and are based on the SDA 3.0 specification
    SDXC cards have a very high capacity ranging from 64GB to 2TB and are based on the exFAT format file system

    Regardless of what type of SD card you have in your hands, if you have accidentally or unfortunately deleted important data or photos from it, you will need a professional software photo recovery from SD card. Below we point out a very good one that will help you recover photos quickly and easily.

    How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card

    The program  Data Recovery is a tool that in many occasions saves us from embarrassing situations such as the case in which important photos are deleted from the SD card or any other storage medium. This tool even manages to recover data from a damaged SD card or recover photos from an SD card that is formatted or that is not correctly recognized by the device (computer, mobile phone, or more).

    However, below we want to focus on the case in which we have deleted photos from an SD card, or you have formatted your SD card, and you want to try to recover anything that is still recoverable.

    First download the free version of this program on your computer (Windows or Mac):


    NB: Data Recovery is compatible with all three types of SD card seen above, in fact it supports FAT16, FAT32 e exFAT.

    Guide: How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card

    After the download proceed with the installation of the program. After the installation is complete connect the SD card to your computer (by inserting it into the appropriate slot or using an SD card reader to be connected via USB to the computer)

    Step 1: Connect the formatted card to the PC

    After plugging / inserting the SD card into your computer, launch the Data Recovery program. The main screen shown below will appear, which as you can see is not in English but very simple and intuitive to use.

    Step 2: Select file type to search

    From the Data Recovery home screen, select the type of file to recover at the top. In our case select "PHOTO"

    Step 3: Select SD disk to scan

    At the bottom of the program interface, under the wording "Removable disks" click and select the disk associated with your SD card (eg F: or G :). Once this is done, click on "START”To start analyzing the SD card memory

    The program will do a first quick scan and immediately after, if you do not see the photos you want in the results, you can click on DEEP SCAN to do a deeper analysis of the memory to search for many more photos.

    Step 4: Preview and recover photos

    When the “deep” scan also ends you will be able to preview all the results of the scan itself. Left click on the JPG folder to see the photos found by the program. Select the ones you want to recover and click on "Recover”To save them on your computer

    NB: If by any chance you cannot find the photos you want, we recommend that you also try the program Photo Recovery which is a program specially designed for recovering photos from any memory card or USB device.




    So I downloaded the Data Recovery program, connected the SD card to the computer and started the scan. After a first scan a white window appeared, with not even a photo recovered ... but then as soon as I clicked at the bottom on "start deep scan" I started seeing a lot of photos that I thought were lost forever ...
    In the end I recovered 80% of the photos that were on the SD card, thank you immensely for the help and the software reported. Highly recommended!

    Deleted Photos from SD Card? Here's How To Recover Them -

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