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    How to Cartonize an Image or Photo -

    Cartonizing it will not be a correct word in the English language but it gives a good idea of ​​what it means: transforming a photo into a cartoon or a drawing or comic. Sometimes we see beautiful images and cardboard photos and we think they are the result of a lot of work on Photoshop or other complex photo editing programs. In reality this is not the case because there are online services and even software that can do this transformation in a few simple clicks.

    Take for example the following image, a classic photo of a landscape (in this case it depicts a glimpse of the city of Genoa)

    Here is his cardboard version as it would be:

    Notice the difference? With the "cartoon" effect you can transform a generic photo into an image that seems more artistic and with a greater visual impact. More and more people are using this cartoon effect to get more beautiful images to see as if they were paintings or hand-made drawings.

    How did we get this cardboard image? Read on below to find out!

    How to Cartonize an Image or Photo

    To cartonize an image you don't need to use photo editing programs. You just need a software called Photo Cartoon

    It is a program specially designed to convert images to cartoons, drawings and comics. You can download the free demo version from the button below:

    It is compatible with all Windows systems.

    After installation you will see the following main interface:

    Click on the button at the top ADD to import the image to be cartonized or on which you want to apply other artistic effects. In the case of the image that we have taken as an example, by clicking on the left on the CARTOON effect you will immediately get the cardboard image.

    But there is not only a cartoon effect. There are also others that as a result give for example the following image:

    In addition to cartonizing a photo, you can also apply artistic effects. For example, you can transform an image into a drawing. To do this in the program, just select the SKETCH effect from the left sidebar. Here's what you'll get:

    If you prefer pencil drawing, select the relevant effect and Photo Cartoon will create the following version in seconds:

    Still not satisfied with the result? Try the effect TOON VIVIDLIGHT and you will get this amazing colorful design:

    There is also no shortage of effects that allow you to transform a photo into a painting. The effects to be selected are those starting with the word PAINT. In our example here is the image converted to a painting:

    As you can see, a simple landscape image can be made into an artistic image that you can print and frame in a painting.

    Photo Cartoon is a program that can be used in many areas: from the professional area (eg for photographers and artists) to the personal area (for those who simply want to make a photo original).

    With Photo Cartoon, in addition to applying effects to cartonize an image, you can also add text or change the photo's equalization (brightness, contrast, saturation) simply by acting on the toolbar on the right.

    The final image can be saved on the computer by clicking on SAVE up. You will be able to save both in standard format and in original resolution of the photo. In the latter case it is necessary to purchase the program license in order to proceed.

    From our website in addition to the software described above, you will also find an "online" version that allows you to transform photos into cartoons without downloading any programs. The only disadvantage of the online version is that the cardboard image is not in high resolution.



    How to Cartonize an Image or Photo -

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