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There may be several reasons that can lead us to seek effective solutions for change the background of a photo. Among the most frequent reasons there is certainly that of having taken a nice photo but disturbing elements appear in the background such as intruders, various objects, etc ... Or, often you want to change the background of a photo to get a better result more professional: almost all of the photos you see in magazines or on billboards are photos taken with the background replacement technique (similar to the green screen technique in the field of video editing). Here are some solutions that will allow you to remove the background of your photo to replace it with an image of your choice. Obviously, the work of removing and changing the background of a photo is much easier the more uniform the background is to be removed (eg if the background is all in one color, this process is fast and the result is perfect).

Solution 1. Fotophire Toolkit

Fotophere is a new but powerful photo editing software that includes all the tools you need to edit photos and images according to your needs. For those who want to change the background of a photo, with this program they can do it in a few minutes. For more details click on the following link to access the article where you will find a detailed guide on how change or remove background of a photo.

Change or Remove Background of a Photo

Solution 2. Move Photo Editor

With Movavi Photo Editor removing the background of a photo and then inserting a new background is child's play. After installing this program on your PC, the first thing to do is obviously to import the photo whose background you want to change or remove. You can simply drag and drop the photos from your PC onto the program screen to upload.

Magically the background will disappear and you will see the photo objects on one transparent background..



How to Change the Background of a Photo -

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