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If you have saved many photo on your mobile phone, or you have stored a series of images on your computer or digital camera, you may need to turn all these photos into a real video with text, background music, transition effects, video and so on. We have already seen in several articles (e.g. how to create birthday videos, or how to edit the wedding video from photos, etc ...) how it is possible merge text, photos, music and video clips to create a single movie that can be played on various devices, such as TV, computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

To do this work you need a so-called "slideshow maker" program that is capable of create videos with photos and music.

How to make a video with photos and music with Filmora?

An excellent program, also suitable for professionals and the most demanding, is certainly Filmora Video Editor. With it you can create videos with photos and music to share on Youtube, create movies from Flickr photos or Instagram photos, make a movie to watch on HDTV, and so on.

In this guide we will show how to use Filmora convert photos to movies or convert videos to slideshow movies. You will be able to create great movies by yourself from your media files such as photos, videos, background music, professional transitions and effects, elegant texts, clipart and many more. It is very easy to use and also ideal for beginners!

First download this video editor on your Windows or Mac computer. It is free to download and try. You can get it for free by clicking on the following buttons:


Here are the steps to follow to create videos with photos and music working on your PC or MacOS

Filmora home screen:

Click on FULL MODE and then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Add photos, videos, music to the program

Go to the program's media library, click Import to load all source media files from your computer. You can also directly connect your mobile phone, digital camera to computer via USB and then click Import >> Import from device, and transfer all the photos to the program

In our case we connected an iPhone to the PC and used the program to access the camera roll of the device and import the photos of our interest into the editor. The same procedure works with importing media files from Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nexus, Sony, and many other phones and digital cameras.

Step 2. Sort the media files in the storyboard

In the bottom section of Filmora you will be able to see the Timeline or Storyboard. Here you can add, edit, organize, delete all kinds of items, including photos, videos, text, music, transitions and so on. See below screenshot

There are several tracks in the Timeline. Drag the photos and videos to the first track multimedia and then rearrange them as you wish. Here are some helpful tips that may interest you when creating your video.

Add transition effects to slides: Click the tab Transitions between Media Library and Storyboard, and you will find all kinds of transitions ready to use. You can also download extra transition effects online. Select the transition you like, click and hold, then drag it to the timeline before any photo to apply the transition.

Change the photo display time and transition speed: click on the photo or transition in the Timeline to highlight it, then click with the mouse on the start or end point, you will see a white marker appear, click on it and drag it left or right to decrease or increase the viewing time of a given photo

Creating Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Videos: It is a function that allows you to play two or more videos at the same time. To create picture-in-picture video effect in Filmora, you can just drag other photos and videos to other tracks in the timeline. Both videos and images can be displayed above the background video on the same screen. You can change the size of the video and image display window by dragging the edge of the selected image or video in the preview window.

Add text to movies: go to the TEXT / CREDIT tab, choose the text effect on the TEXT track in the timeline; Click to select the text in the timeline, you will have the options to edit the text, change the font size, font style, text style, color in the upper left section of the video editor.

Step 3. Load one or more music tracks

There is no video without a soundtrack. With Filmora you can insert all your favorite songs as soundtrack and start and end them in correspondence with the photos you want. All you have to do is select and drag the audio file to the timeline track and place it on the photos.

Step 4. Export final video

Thanks to the preview window in Filmora you will be able to see what you are doing in real time. You will be able to refine the video by applying all the effects made available and once you have achieved the perfect result you can proceed with saving the project. Click on the button "Export"And from the screen that opens you will have a wide choice of saving modes:

You can save the video on your computer in any video format, or upload it to Youtube, Facebook and other social networks to share it immediately with all your friends and acquaintances.

That's all! Try now a create videos with your photos and have fun becoming a real director!

How to Create Videos with Photos and Music with

Another service we want to recommend, especially if you are not very computer savvy, is Slideshow Maker by
With this service you can create, directly ONLINE, and at no cost, of videos from your Photos. Here's how it works.

Step 1. Go to the site. Click on "English" at the top right to view the English version of the site.

Step 2. Click on the green button "Select Photos”To select and add photos from your computer. After adding them click on "Upload Photos”To load them. The following photo management panel will open:

By clicking on the preview of each photo you will be able to access a new window where you can set other parameters: display duration of the photo, position of the text (if added) and the transition effect to apply.

After making these changes click on Save to return to the main screen.

Step 3. Add background music and Create video

Finally select a background music and click on CREATE VIDEO to start creating your slideshow.

At the end of the creation of the video you will be able to preview it through the player integrated in the system. If everything is OK you can click on DOWNLOAD and download it in HD video format to your computer!

Here is an example video we created by uploading 5 images:

Here is a short video tutorial that shows what we have written above to use this simple and free Slideshow maker. As you will notice on the videos created with the free version, the logo appears, which you can remove by purchasing the Premium version license!




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  • Yes, demo version is available

  • Woow what a great program! I created a movie that is truly a show 🙂
    I first selected the best photos from my last vacation, ordered them and then uploaded them to Filmora. At this point I just had to insert some transition effects between the photos and a nice soundtrack… and that's it.
    In my opinion one of the best programs designed to create videos with photos and music ...

    • Thanks for the feedback of your experience with this software. It will be very useful to those who are about to use it or are skeptical of its operation.

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