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    How to Make a Free Photo Collage -

    You want to create beautiful free photo collage? In this article we will point out the 10 best “photo collage makers” with which you can merge and combine your photos according to your needs and create photo collages ready to print. In some cases, you can directly create an online photo collage or download apps with this function on your iPhone or Android phone.

    The "Collage”Of photos is a simple and convenient way to represent multiple photos at the same time. By now we have more and more photos saved on the mobile phone (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, etc. ..) and the collage could be the best way to organize them and not lose them in the "pile". Make a photo collage it also means putting your creativity to the test because a story is often told in collage.

    Here are the methods to make a free photo collage. To better organize the article, we will divide the proposed solutions into 3 macro categories:

    1. Make free photo collages on PC
    2. Make free photo collages ONLINE
      > BeFunky
      > Adobe Spark
      > Photos
    3. Make free photo collages via app on iPhone and Android
      > Pic Collage
      > Pizap Collage Maker
      > Photo Collage Maker
      > PicPlayPost

    # 1. Make photo collages on PC

    Our first proposal is FREE PHOTO COLLAGE CREATOR. We place it in the first place of this list because it is a FREEWARE program (ie FREE) that allows you to make photo collages quickly and easily, directly via your computer. Therefore, you will not necessarily have to have an active internet connection, or even have to use other devices.

    It is very difficult to find free programs to help you do this kind of work. But now with Free Collage Creator you can do it! In seconds, this collage software will be able to turn any photo into impressive collages. You can choose from numerous layouts and styles and arrange all the photos you want on a grid.

    Here is the link to download this program for free:

    After installation this main window will open:

    By clicking on the button in the center of the window you can start choosing the background image or photo and immediately after you can start adding the photos of the collage. You can insert all the photos you want and arrange them on the collage window:

    Within this extraordinary program there are also already background images and "frames" that you can use for free. The photo collage you will save at the end will be of high quality, in PNG format and ready to be printed or shared on social networks.

    Try it. It's free and very simple to use!

    Go to the program page:

    The photo collage saved on your PC can also be opened with the free Photo Viewer program which is one of the best software for this kind of work.


    #2. Make free photo collages ONLINE

    We have already seen how you can create video collages, or videos with photos. But now we focus on how create a photo collage directly online, using some excellent "web-based" services. Here are the best (free) we offer.

    a) BeFunky


    BeFunky Collage Maker is a very popular free photo collage service with which you can easily create your collages directly online. There are a number of ready-made layouts to quickly create a photo collage. In addition, you can also create your own custom layout. In addition to adding photos and choosing the layout of the collage, you can also put text on them.

    The advantage of this service is that you just need to click on the button GET STARTED and you can immediately start creating your photo collage for free, and WITHOUT REGISTRATION.

    The only bad thing is that some templates and functions are not activated in the free version and you are required to upgrade by signing up for a subscription.


    Site link: is another great online and free photo collage service. Unlike other similar services, offers more image management functions. You can directly drag and drop photos to the browser for upload. After that you can move the photos and create the desired collage. allows you to set your collage background and offers numerous ready-to-use collage templates. The cool thing about this photo collage app is that it also allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to control the whole collage making process. If you are familiar with some photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, this online app will be very intuitive to use. After creating the collage, just press Ctrl + S to save the photo collage on your computer.

    c) Adobe Spark

    Site link:

    Adobe Spark can be considered the pro version of Photoshop's collage maker feature. With it you can create for free photo collages online, even without design skills.

    Once you have accessed the site you will need to log in with your Google / Facebook / Adobe account or by email. After logging in you will be able to choose a suitable title for your project and start create free photo collages. While Adobe Spark is quite powerful and offers various design options, according to many it is relatively complex and slow to use.

    d) photo-collage

    Site link: is another photo collage maker that is really very easy to use and free. Simply drag and drop the photos onto its interface, and a beautiful photo collage will automatically be created. You will also be able to modify the template (collage layout) according to your needs. It can be considered perhaps the simplest service for making photo collages

    e) Fotor Collage Maker

    Site link:

    Fotor Collage Maker is an online photo collage maker online software which is characterized by beautiful design. There are many classic collage layouts to choose from. However, not all of them are selectable in the free version of the service. In addition to the layout you can choose a background image for the created collage, add texts and customize other settings.

    # 3. Make free photo collages via app on iPhone and Android

    Most of the photos are definitely taken with iOS and Android phones. For this reason, if you want to create a photo collage, it may be much more convenient to use an app that can do this work on the device itself. Here are some free apps that can help you make excellent quality photo collages.

    a) Pic Collage (iOS/Android/Windows)

    Download app:

    Pic Collage is a popular collage maker app available in version for iOS, Android and Microsoft devices. Inside there are hundreds of layouts, templates and you can even create greeting cards. You can easily select your favorite stickers or backgrounds to embellish your photos and decorate your Instagram and Snapchat stories. You can also draw or write on the created photo collage.

    b) Pizap collage maker (iOS/Android)

    Download app:

    Pizap collage maker is an online photo collage maker app on your device. You can easily make a collage by downloading the iOS and Android app and merge the images directly on your mobile. All kinds of layouts are available in this app, but many of them are reserved for the Pro version. There are also ads in the free version of the app.

    c) Photo Collage Maker & Editor (Android app)

    Download app:

    Photo Collage Maker & Editor is an Android app with great photo collage making capabilities by taking photos directly from your Android device. You can easily select the layout you need, edit the collage by filter, sticker, text and more. You have the option to make photo collages with up to 18 images. Plus, there are tons of frame or grid layouts, backgrounds, stickers, fonts, and more to help you make a truly unique photo collage.

    d) PicPlayPost – Movie Video Editor (iOS/Android/Windows)

    Download app:

    PicPlayPost it is more than just a photo collage app. In fact it can help you create video slideshows with photos, video clips, GIFs and so on. Unlike other collage apps, this one lends itself better to creating actual videos. So in addition to combining images, if you also need to make a video with your memories, you can try the PicPlayPost app.

    Thank you guys.
    The first solution proposed by you (Free Collage Creator software) is spectacular. It has beautiful background images and is really simple to use.
    And what's more it's free for real…. there are no more free programs like this.
    Thanks and good to return

    • We are pleased that you have found the solution you were looking for. In fact, there are not many programs of this kind for free.
      Have fun .. and have a good photo collage!

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