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Nowadays, there is an increasing tendency to memorize our life experiences through photos and videos as smartphones have become devices that replace cameras / camcorders and are always within reach. Any event is saved on our smartphone through photo shoots. To better preserve these sweet memories it is a good idea to create one slideshow with music, photos and videos.

A slideshow (video) with photos and music it is also a good idea when you want to go and put together some static photos and you want to create a movie to share (for example on Youtube or on your website) with all our contacts or potential contacts. In this regard, it is also worth mentioning the costaste growth of video marketing that allows professionals and companies to show and disseminate their products and services through the Web and precisely through short video clips.

If you also find yourself with some interesting photos that you would like to put together to make a real presentation, know that it is not a complex thing to do. Just do a simple Internet search of the type "slideshow maker”And you will find dozens and dozens of online programs and services that allow you to create video presentations starting from your photos. Below we will point out 2 solutions, one "online" and another based on the use of professional software.

Solution # 1: Make video slideshow (with photos and music) with Filmora Software

Solution # 2: Make video slideshow with photos and music ONLINE on


Making a video presentation with Filmora?

Filmora is a professional software (for PC and macOS) that allows you to create or edit movies. Unlike seen above which is a basic solution to create video presentations from photos, Filmora allows you to do much more, a real video editing. Here's how to use it.

Step 1. Download and install Filmora

Click on the following buttons to start the download then install the program on your computer:


After installing and starting the program, here is the main screen from which you can start a new project and choose the resolution of the movie to create.

Step 2. Import Photos and Music

After accessing the movie work screen you can start importing all the multimedia files (photos and music) in the appropriate section and then drag and drop them at the bottom of the so-called “timeline” that is in the timeline. Filmora allows you to change the order of photos in the timeline and also set the display duration of each individual photo.

You can also rotate photos and manually crop them to better fit the slideshow you want to create.

Note: If you see black bars on your photos on the preview, it is recommended that you change the photo positioning by accessing the “Crop and Zoom” function in Preferences before dropping them on the timeline.

Step 3. Add transition effects

There are hundreds of effects of transitions available in Filmora that you should definitely try. You can apply a specific transition between each selected photo or apply random transitions to the selected photos.

Filmora offers over 30 transitions for presentation, such as cross merge, cross split, swap, and clockwise sweep. Of course, you can also use some t'sransizioni 3D, ripples and dissolutions or speed blurs.

You can also adjust the duration of the transition and, to improve the appearance of the presentation it is recommended to apply filters and overlay effects.

Step 4. Add background music

You can choose one or more background music, paradoxically even one for each photo. There is a built-in audio library in Filmora where you will find songs ready to apply to your presentation or you can import an audio file from your computer or record and insert your voice into the presentation.

Step 5. Save and export video presentation

Finally, it's time to save and export your presentation as you see fit. You have several options: you can save it to your computer in different video formats, or you can share it directly on YouTube or Vimeo, or you can burn it to DVD.


Make an Online Video Presentation

If you do not want to download and install any software on your PC and are looking for a quick and easy solution to make a video presentation starting from your photos, the solution we propose is to

By accessing this website you can quickly upload photos and create your slideshow and save it in video format (mp4) on your computer. Here are the main steps to follow to make your video slideshow using photos and music you want.

Step 1. Open the site. Click at the top right on "English" to see the English version of the site

Step 2. Click on the central button "Select Photos”To import photos from your computer. After uploading them click on "Upload Photos”And a panel will open where you can manage your photos and sort them as you wish.

In addition to sorting the photos, you can also add text to be displayed during the slideshow. By clicking on the preview image you can access a new window where you can set the display duration of the photo, the position of the text (if added) and also apply the desired transition effect.

After making the changes click on Save to return to the main screen.

Step 3. Add music and create video slideshow

From the initial screen of the panel, at the bottom, you can choose a background music from those already preloaded or import one from your computer .. Finally click on CREATE VIDEO to start creating the video slideshow.

Once the conversion is complete, you will be able to preview the presentation. If everything is OK you can click on DOWNLOAD and download the file in HD video format to your computer!

Here is an example video we created by uploading 5 images:

Video Tutorial:



How to Make a Slideshow (Video) with Photos and Music -

Audio Video How to Make a Slideshow (Video) with Photos and Music -
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