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    How to Recover Deleted Photos on Nokia Lumia -

    Photos deleted from mobile? No problem! There are several software that can help you recover important photos that you accidentally deleted from your device. You don't even have to worry if your mobile is a Nokia Lumia, hence an operating system based mobile phone Windows Phone and not on the most famous Android or iOS.

    If you own a Nokia Lumia (regardless of model and version, eg Nokia Lumia 530, 540, Nokia Lumia 620,630, 640, Nokia Lumia 720, 735, Lumia 820, 830 or the latest Nokia Lumia 920 and 930) and you have deleted some photos, below you will find a possible solution.

    As soon as you realize that you have deleted some photos, the first thing to do is to avoid continuing to use the phone, to prevent the memory from being overwritten by other files. Then you will need to download and install a program on your computer photo recovery universal such as Data Recovery. You can download this software on your PC or Mac from the following buttons:


    Guide: How to Recover Deleted Photos on Nokia Lumia

    Step 1: Launch Data Recovery

    Install and run the Data Recovery software on your computer. Here is the main screen of the program from which you will have to select the type of file to recover (in our case "Photos")

    Step 2: Connect the Nokia Lumia to your PC / Mac and start scanning

    Using a USB cable, connect your Nokia Lumia to your computer. The mobile phone will be seen by the program as an "external disk" connected to the computer. So, when the program will ask you to select the disk to scan, you will have to select the one related to the Nokia Lumia:

    It is also advisable to check the box "Enable Deep Scan" so that you can recover as many photos as possible from the memory of the Nokia Lumia:

    Step 3: Recover deleted photos on Nokia Lumia

    At the end of the scan you will be able to see all the data found by the program. Access the folder PHOTO to see which and how many photos were found in the memory. Finally, select the photos to recover and click on "Recover”To save them on your computer or other external drive.

    NB: Be careful NOT to save the recovered photos back to the Nokia Lumia, otherwise you will overwrite and damage them forever.

    If any recovered photos are damaged and not viewable, try JPEG Repair, one of the best programs for repairing photos damaged after data recovery.


    I don't even see the photos of the wapp chats .. I have to retrieve them in my mom's phone who finally decided to get rid of this hateful one, but by connecting the cable to the pc I see empty folders 🙁

  • The problem is that my pc in the external drive does not add the phone connected via usb

  • It does not work, windows 10 does not assign a letter to the lumia 640 mobile phone, consequently it is not possible to scan with wondershare.

    The Microsoft community simply replies, “It is not possible to assign a drive letter to Windows Phone devices. "

    • When I choose "computer" in the left column of a folder, my 535 is seen as an external drive and an icon representing a mobile phone appears. All I have to do is manage it as an external HD. It's all automatic

    • Have you solved the problem by chance? I am in the exact same situation as you

  • How to Recover Deleted Photos on Nokia Lumia -

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