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    How to Remove Blur and Enhance Blurry Photos -

    Smartphones play a key role in the photography industry. Nowadays almost all medium / high-end smartphones have the ability to capture exceptional shots and thanks to the dual camera you can also capture images in portrait mode with high quality “bokeh” effect. However, it is not an easy job to take perfect, high-quality photos. There are several problems that can occur when taking pictures such as the blur, that is, poor focus.

    Have you got a blurry photo and do you want to improve it? Well, it is possible to fix a blurry photo using professional software tools like Fotophere. On the Internet, you will find plenty of other programs that can do this and have other features. With Fotophire, however, you have the advantage that the whole process of eliminating blur is simple and automated.

    How to Enhance Blurred Photos with Fotophire

    Fotophere has an internal function called "Focus" that allows you to improve the focus of the photo itself. Using Fotophire Focus, you can perform operations on a photo for blur correction, a new focus and a professional look.

    Fotophire Focus is a great photo editing tool launched by Wondershare for Windows and Mac computers. By using this program you will discover numerous ready-to-use tools, very powerful and really easy to use. Thanks to its clean, elegant and easy-to-use user interface, you can do photo editing and photo retouching professionally and in just a few clicks.

    • Eliminate blur some photos
    • Refocuses the photos
    • Apply more than 200 effects to your photos
    • Offers 1-click sharpening tool to help you enhance photos.
    Other features:
    1. Creative blur: By interacting with Fotophire Focus's creative blur features, you can add background blur to your photo with one click. If you have a question in mind about how remove blur from a photo, this feature will help you. You can also easily remove blur from the photo.
    2. Print: this is another reason behind the popularity of Fotophire. You can easily print high resolution photos using Fotophire Focus without any hassle.
    3. Advanced tools: Fotophire Focus is encoded with an advanced algorithm which makes it one of the most powerful tools to edit photos with over 200 effects and give a professional look to any image.
    4. Easy to use: Thanks to its simple, clean and easy-to-use interface, you don't need to have any technical skills to do professional photo editing. The photo editing process will take a few simple steps.
    5. Affordable in price: You'll find a wide range of photo editing tools on the web, but only a few of them are as reliable, powerful and affordable as Fotophire Focus.

    How to remove blur from photos with Fotophire

    Step 1:

    Download and install Fotophire Focus on your computer.

     Compatible with Windows 10/8/7 / Vista

    Launch the program after the installation is complete and you will see the following main interface:

    Step 2:

    Click on the Photo Focus box below to install the package we need for focus the photo. At the end the following window will open in which you will have to import the blurry photo you want to improve.

    Step 3:

    Once you have successfully added the blurry photo, you will find various tools from the right side of the window. Click on "Precision”To remove blur from images.

    Optional: if you want you can also adjust the sharpness of the photo from the sharpness category.

    Step 4:

    Next, click on the “Save”In the center of the main menu to save the image. Choose the folder where you want to save the image and click "OK".

    That's it!

    Fotophire Focus it is the best software solution to use (compared for example to Photoshop or other similar programs) because it is much easier to use and at the same time very effective. Its powerful algorithm allows it to quickly and easily remove blur from the image. There are many other features available in this photo editing tool which underpin its powerful performance. You will find for example the modalities Photo Editor, Foto Cutter e Photo Eraser that add a professional touch to your photo.

    Fotophere it also has a clean and simple design which makes it intuitive to use. Finally, the price of this tool is very affordable, and it fits all budgets compared to Adobe Photoshop and many others. So if you are looking for a powerful tool that can easily remove blur from your image we recommend you try Fotophire Focus. By downloading the program you will have a completely FREE version which lasts 7 days.

    How to Remove Blur and Enhance Blurry Photos -

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