Program to open and view photos and images of any format on a Windows PC

Do you have many beautiful photos saved on your PC but you can't view them as you would like? The app Gallery on your Windows PC is it slow and takes forever to load and display a simple photo? Looking for a better alternative to the photo viewer Windows but can't find it? You are finally in the right place. In fact, below we will report a program of photo view that will surprise you for its speed of opening images and the many features available.

The software in question is called and is a PHOTO VIEWER, a program available in full version free and in English. You can download it for free on your Windows PC (windows 10, windows 8, windows 7 / vista) from the following button:

a) Photo Viewer installation and configuration
b) How to Open Photos & Pictures in the program
c) Photo Viewer as the default program
c) Photo Viewer Toolbar
d) Supported formats (read / write)


Download and then double click on the downloaded .exe file to start the installation of Photo Viewer.

At the end of the installation, click on the “Start Photo Viewer” box and click on FINISH. This will open the program. When the software is run for the first time, a configuration window will appear asking you for the language to use:

Select "English" from the drop-down menu and then click on NEXT to proceed with the choice of the theme (dark or light) and at the last step you can set Photo Viewer as the default photo program on your computer. The following icon will appear on the computer desktop:

Double click on the icon to open the main program screen:

How to Open and View Photos & Pictures

There are 3 ways to open and view photos and images with this program.

Mode 1. Click on the folder icon at the top left to open the File Explorer folder

At this point, select the photo you want to open from your computer and it will immediately appear in the program:

Mode 2: Use the CTRL + O key combination to quickly open a photo from your PC

Mode 3: Select the image / photo from your computer and drag it into Photo Viewer to open and view it immediately

Set as default program for PHOTO

If you like the speed of operation of this program and want to use it to open all kinds of images and photos by default (without having to manually open each time as seen above), just follow these steps:

1. Select with the right mouse button any image file or a photo and from the drop-down menu that opens click on OPEN WITH -> CHOOSE ANOTHER APP

2. Select the program from the window that opens PHOTO VIEWER, then at the bottom select the box "Always use this app to open files" and finally click OK

3. Done. Now you just need to double click on any other image of that format (eg. Jpg, png, bmp, etc ..) to open it directly in the Photo Viewer.

Photo Viewer toolbar

At the top of the program you will notice a toolbar with a series of very useful functions for those who want to view photos and images at their best. The buttons are very intuitive to use and allow (in order from left to right) to:

> “i” icon to view detailed information about the photo

> view previous photo (present in folder)
> view next photo
> activate slideshow mode (active in the PRO version)
> zoom automatic (which in any case also works with the scroll of the mouse wheel)> scales to width
> Zoom in
> Zoom out
> rotate photo counter clockwise
> view photos clockwise
> reverse photo horizontally> flip photo vertically
> scale in height
> fit photo to screen
> lock magnification
> activate checkerboard background
> FULL SCREEN / Full Screen (active only in the PRO version)
> Picture in Picture (to display the photo superimposed on other multimedia files)
> see Minuature (very useful to be able to search for the desired photos in a folder)
> Advanced Features: move files to trash, print / export to PDF, set as desktop background, change background color, unframed mode, advanced settings ...

As you can see, the available functions are so many and it is also useless to list or describe them because they are very simple and intuitive to use. Once you open an image in Photo Viewer, a series of very useful information appears in the lower bar of the program, such as: folder of origin, file name, size in pixels, type of zoom, date of creation of the file, date of last edit.

As for the image formats supported by the program, here is a detailed table:

Supported Formats List

Other supported formats:

how to rotate?

  • Just click on the pencil icon and then select the rotation you want.
    Check out this screenshot:

  • How do I open multiple photos together

    • Select all photos and hit enter .. each photo will open in a new window. You can't view all photos in one window.

  • i haven't tried it yet i hope it's good

  • not or tried this apple yet i hope it is good x edit photos

  • I detached snapchat and installed it again and would like to recover photos and videos

  • The photo program I've been looking for for a long time for my PC Windoes 10 where the Photos app leaves a lot to be desired ...


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