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    Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone with and without Backup -

    In this article we want to show the most effective solutions to recover deleted photos from iPhone both in the presence and in the absence of a Backup. Whenever you connect your iPhone to your PC, iTunes automatically creates a backup with all your iPhone data (including photos). So, if you have synced your iPhone with iTunes in the past, you will surely have a backup file on your computer that can help you recover deleted photos from your iPhone.

    Case 1. Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone with iTunes or iCloud Backup

    Thanks to Dr.fone you can recover your iPhone photos by taking advantage of the backup generated by iTunes or iCloud. First download and install dr.fone for iOS on your computer (Windows or Mac). Here are the download links:

    Install and start the software on your PC or Mac. From the main screen of the software select click on DATA RECOVERY and then select the recovery mode "From iTunes Backup File" or "From iCloud Backup File". If you want to take advantage of iCloud backup read the article How to recover photos from iCloud. Instead, here is the case of photo recovery from iTunes backup:

    Immediately after that, dr.fone for iOS will start searching for iTunes backup files on your computer. These will be listed in the next software window:

    Choose the backup file to analyze and click on START SCAN per I will proceed.

    At the end of the scan all data (including PHOTOS) will be previewed directly from within the program. Access the folder ROLL PHOTO and choose the ones you want to recover and save on your computer:

    Case 2. Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone in the absence of Backup

    FoneLab is iPhone deleted photo recovery software even in the absence of backup! Operation is very simple:

    1. Download and install the software on your PC or Mac. Here are the download links for the free demo version:

    If you have a Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP PC:

    PHOTO RECOVERY PER IPHONE 12/11/X/8/7  Request License

    PHOTO RECOVERY PER IPHONE 6/5/4S  Request License

    DR.FONE (WIN) PER IPHONE 3GS/4  Request License

    If you have a Mac OS X> 10.7 computer:

    MAC PHOTO RECOVERY PER IPHONE 12/11/X/8/7  Request License

    MAC PHOTO RECOVERY PER IPHONE 6/5/4S  Request License

    DR.FONE (MAC) PER IPHONE 3GS/4  Request License

    2. Start iPhone Data Recovery and connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable.

    Software home screen:

    3. Select “Recover from iOS Device” recovery mode and start scanning for photos deleted but still in memory.

    4. After scanning you will be able to preview all photos in the “Camera Roll” or “Photo Stream” category or in the “Photo Library”. Select those to recover and proceed with saving them on your computer (saving is only possible with the full version).

    NB: The photos recovered from the internal memory of the iPhone 12/11 / X / 8/7 / 6s / 6/6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s may not be in the original size but smaller in size.

    Happy recovery!

    Video Tutorial: How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone WITHOUT Backup

    Hi, I made the last backup yesterday, yesterday I took some photos and videos but after a reset they disappeared.
    Can I recover them with the paid version of this program?

    • Yes, use the free version to check for those photos and videos .. and if any, proceed with the purchase.

  • Hi I accidentally restored my iPhone without a backup two days ago
    Is it possible to succeed in recovering the photos?

    • Try scanning with the program described in the guide

  • Years ago I lost my iPhone, I hadn't backed up or saved them in any other way. Is it possible to recover them in any way? They were very important to me

    • Unfortunately there is no way.

    • Hi I had some problems with my iPhone and it was restored, through iCloud I was able to recover half of the photos and videos I had ... but can I recover the other half somehow ??? Help thanks

  • Hello,
    but if the iphone has a black screen, and therefore you cannot interact on the display, is it possible to proceed anyway? Because by connecting the device to the PC, the phone should ask for authorization in order to be "read".
    I should recover photos but I've never backed up - haimé -
    Thank you

    • If the phone has never been "authorized" on that PC then it is impossible to recover those photos ...

  • Hi, I want to know if I can recover deleted January 2018 photos, I made a backup in February 2018

    • If you have done the backup then they are definitely recoverable ... You can use the drfone program to recover those photos from the itunes or icloud backup

  • Hi, I think I have deleted some photos but with entire albums .. with the backup from iphone 5 this morning, can I know if I have a chance to recover them?

    • Yes, but you must immediately scan with the program described in the guide to see if they are recoverable

  • Hi, I practically broke the glass and LCD of my iPhone 6s plus and now the phone is disabled (without time) because the touchscreen has jumped by entering the wrong code too many times and so now it says to connect it to iTunes, I made an attempt to synchronize the photos but I can not confirm it on the Iphone .. my fear is also to replace the screen now let me restore from backup ... and of course I only did it once, like two years ago ... there is a way ? to recover photos? thanks a lot

  • Good morning
    I took my iphone to change the screen because it was broken directly in an apple store.
    they made me backup them in the store, without connecting to a computer.
    repaired the iphone have restored the data but to date I realize that practically half of the photos I had have not been restored. practically on 2000 photos I find myself 1000.
    how can i recover missing photos ??
    thanks ùelena

    • If they have restored the iPhone it will be difficult to recover the missing photos ... try to do a scan with the program reviewed in the article but it will be difficult to find anything.

  • Hi, I'm desperate !!!! I just deleted some photos from the iPhone convinced that I have saved them on the PC. I do not know why they have not been copied to the pc and now I do not have them anymore nor on the iphone. I have already launched the program but it has not recovered the deleted photos. what should I / can I do? Thank you…. they are photos of my children

  • Hello,
    I had some photos on iclouds, then I bought space (50gb for 00.99 $) but without backing up the photos on iclouds, so I think they have been overwritten .. is it possible anyway to recover them maybe with one of these programs?
    is of vital importance !!
    thanks to those who can help me

  • Hi I lost my iPhone…. I was able to recover something via backup that dates back to June…. Is it possible to recover photos and videos from June until they are lost? Apparently my iPhone 4 for July and August didn't backup?

  • But is it a free software?

    • No, it is a program with free demo version but to proceed with the actual recovery of the files it is necessary to purchase the license.

  • I also don't have backups but I can't recover them help me

    • if you have scanned with the program and it does not find anything, it means that unfortunately they are no longer available or overwritten

  • I didn't have a backup and this software saved my life by recovering almost all the photos I was looking for. Thanks!!

    • I have an iPhone and I don't have a computer how can I recover my files ???

      • Unfortunately, nothing can be done without a PC

      • Hi I lost all my videos and photos, after my iPhone suddenly turned off and it was necessary to make a buckup, but the phone was registered with another Apple ID thus loading me everything else except my data ... and it possible to find everything else in some way?

  • Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone with and without Backup -

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