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    Recover Deleted Photos on Galaxy Ace -

    How can I recover deleted photos from Galaxy Ace?

    I took tons of photos for my daughter's birthday using my Galaxy Ace. But this afternoon, while I was transferring the photos from my phone to my computer, I accidentally deleted them !! How can I recover them?

    Generally photos are saved inside the SD card of the smartphone. There are so many software that could help you to recover data from SD card, but if the photos have been saved inside the Samsung Galaxy Ace memory, then the only program that could help you is dr.fone for Android. This program, in addition to photos and videos, also helps you to recover contacts and messages by going to find them from the internal memory of your Galaxy Ace. It is a professional program and 100% safe to use. It will in no way change or overwrite your Galaxy Ace data.

    Download the free demo version of dr.fone for Android now:

    If you have a Mac OS X go to Android Data Recovery for Mac

    Note: To be able to recover all the photos from your Galaxy Ace it is recommended to give the device root permissions. If you don't know how to do it, read the following article: how to root android device

    After downloading and installing dr.fone for Android you will see the following splash screen:

    Access the “Data Recovery” function if you want to try to recover deleted data from your Galaxy Ace.

    Step 1. Connect your Galaxy Ace to the computer via USB

    Launch the program and connect your Galaxy Ace to the computer. It is important that the USB debugging mode is activated on the device. If it is not active, do as described below, based on the Android OS version installed on the device:

    1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Press “Settings” <Click “Applications” <Click “Development” <Select “USB debugging” 2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Press “Settings” <Click “Development Options” <Select “ USB debugging ”3) For Android 4.2 or new: Press“ Settings ”<Click“ About Phone ”

    Step 2. Scansiona Galaxy Ace

    After activating USB debugging and the program has detected the device, you will see the following window. Choose the data to be recovered and finally click on “START” to start the scan.

    Step 3. Recover deleted photos from Galaxy Ace

    At the end of the scan you will see all the data found as seen in the figure below. Access the folder "Gallery”To preview all the photos found. At this point, all you have to do is select the photos to be recovered and click on "RECOVER”To save them on your computer!

    That's it!

    Alternative Solution: Data Recovery

    If by any chance with dr.fone you are unable to recover data from your Galaxy Ace, another possible solution is the following.

    First on your mobile you have to set the USB connection as mass archive that is, you will have to make your Galaxy look like a USB stick connected to the PC. To do this, go to "Applications" and select Settings / Wireless and network / USB settings:

    Then you will be asked to connect the phone to the computer via USB and finally you can click on FELLOW WORKER to use the device as mass storage

    At this point your Galaxy will be like an external drive connected to your computer and for the recovery of deleted photos from the Galaxy Ace you can take advantage of the program Data Recovery, one of the best in this area.

    After downloading and installing Data Recovery, choose the data to recover (PHOTO) and click on NEXT

    Select the disk related to the Samsung Galaxy connected to the computer (from the "external removable device" section) and click on START to start scanning.

    At the end of the scan you will be able to preview all the photos found (and even videos) and proceed with their recovery by saving them on your PC!

    Recover Deleted Photos on Galaxy Ace -

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