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    When photos are lost or deleted from computer or digital camera, the first thing one asks is: “how to recover deleted photos?“. If you do an internet search like "Free Photo Recovery”You will see that there is a lot of software out there, even freeware. But not everyone is up to the situation, which is why in this article we want to clarify and report only the best photo recovery software.

    Here are 4 great photo recovery programs, some of them are also free and easy to use:

    Solution1: Recoverit Data Recovery

    Data Recovery is a clean interface software that allows you to recover lost photos, erased, damaged or formatted from all types of storage media, including computer hard drive, digital camera, memory card, USB drive (USB flash drive), and more. The powerful recovery engine and preview capability make this tool one of the best around.

    1. Supports all kinds of images, as well as video and audio types;
    2. You can preview all found photos with this program;
    3. It is possible to recover lost photos both in cases of accidental deletion and in case of formatting, misuse of the device, software crash, virus and even device failure;
    4. You can save the scan results for later recovery;
    5. You can search for file names after scanning.

    1. Since the program aims to recover all lost files, the scanning speed is not very fast.

    Download the Windows or Mac version of this program from the buttons below:


    If you have a Mac read the complete guide here: How to recover photos on Mac OS X

    Once the program has started you will have to choose the disk to be scanned (or the device) and then start the scan. At the end of the scan you will be able to access the “Photos” category and here you will see all the photos that are still recoverable. Choose the ones to recover and then proceed with their recovery!

    Here is a screenshot of the program showing the phase of free preview and recovery of the photos found.

    The photos recovered and saved on the computer can be opened and viewed with any "photo viewer" program such as Photo Viewer


    Solution 2. Stellar Photo Recovery

    Stellar Photo Recovery is a tool specially designed for the photo recovery erased from any memory device. Here are the links to download the free version for PC or Mac:


    After installing and opening the program, you will need to follow two simple steps to complete the scan and recover your photos.

    Solution 3: MJM Photo Recovery

    MJM Photo Recovery is a small free photo recovery program that helps you to recover deleted or formatted images from memory card, USB drive and other small capacity memory devices. It is designed for CF cards, SmartMedia, memory cards of all kinds.
    1. It's a really small program and it's totally free;
    2. Although it is small, it allows you to preview the photos found.
    1. Does not support large local drive such as large capacity devices;
    2. The scanning speed is very slow, especially when deep scanning is selected;
    3. It does not support many photo loss situations.
    You can download it from here.

    Solution 4: Anyfound Photo Recovery Free Edition

    It is a free photo recovery program that offers a fast scanning speed. The good thing is that it saves a lot of time. The downside is that it may not find all the photos that have been lost. In any case it has a simple interface and the program's quick scan will help to recover deleted photos easily.
    1. It has two recovery methods: “File Undelete” recovery and “PC Partition” recovery. Both modes are fast;
    2. The “PC Resume” function allows you to continue the last interrupted or paused scan;
    3. It supports photo recovery from most devices including local hard drive and partitions.
    1. Only supports photo recovery;
    2. You can preview only some of the photos found;
    3. The scanning ability can be improved, even if it is really fast.
    You can find it HERE

    Solution 5: ArtPlus Digital Photo Recovery

    ArtPlus Digital Photo Recovery is a recovery tool that helps recover photos from various storage devices, including hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, and more. It is capable of recovering deleted, formatted, damaged or corrupted photos.
    1. Supports most photo formats and some types of RAW images;
    2. You can recover photos from floppies and DVD / CD players;
    3. You can create memory card image file and recover lost photos from this image file;
    4. It supports different types of image / video / audio files to select before scanning.
    1. The photos found do not have the original file name and path, it will take some time to select the photos to restore.
    You can find it HERE


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